No matter how big or small your financial needs are, Icon Venture Capital is here to help!
If you are struggling to borrow from mainstream moneylenders, Icon Venture Capital is the best choice as your reliable, trusted licensed moneylender.

Our Products

Whether you are expanding your business, tidying up your finances, making home improvements or need money for an emergency, Icon Venture Capital has the right solution for you.

Product SME Loan
SME Loan

Ready to scale your business?
Let's do that!

Product Mortgage Loan
Mortgage Loan

Ready to buy a house or refinance your house?

Product Personal Loan
Personal Loan

Need urgent cash for emergency?
Not a problem!

Consultants You Can Trust

At Icon Venture Capital, we understand that everyone's financial situation and needs are unique. That is why we can help you by addressing your complete financial well-being and build a team around your needs and goals.

Simple, Instant Application

because time is essential

You can apply for our loan service online or through our customer service hotline. Icon Venture Capital provides you with express application and you can expect to get the approved money within 5-7 working days with completed documents.

Help us know you better by filling in our online application form, tell us your financial needs and goals

Our experts will review and customise the best solution for you

You can expect to get the approved money within 5-7 working days, provided you have completed the application with all required documents submitted, as well as assessed by Icon Venture Capital.

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If you'd like to find out more before applying, try looking at our FAQ.

Alternatively, give us a call at +603-7733 7688 or WhatsApp, our Personal Financial Managers are always ready to help!

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